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1,2,3, and Stick Your Head in That Water!


Mr. Westra’s 8A class and Mrs. Durnin’s 8B class in FE Madill had a bobbing for apples competition on Halloween inside our gymnasium, to collect data for our math project. We did it on Halloween because bobbing for apples is an Halloween activity. Five boys and girls from each class volunteered to participate, though it was already clear that we, 8B, would win. With the data I collected we had to make a histogram and a bar graph. The winning class would win eternal glory and, of course,  bragging rights.

Based on my graphs and charts I believe that 8B won the bobbing for apples contest. For my histogram, I made intervals of 20 seconds and saw that 8A had slower times than 8B. 8A went out of the time limit twice with the highest time being 1:27 minutes, but 8B didn’t go out once, our highest time was 0:52 minutes, wow! For the Total Number of Apples graph, 8A only had 12 apples, but 8B had a amazing grand total of 28! The mean for the total number of apples for 8A is 1.71, and 8B had 4.

I think 8B did so well because we moved the apples to the side and that helped us pick it up. We weren’t afraid of the water and didn’t waste time getting the water out of our faces or waiting for the opponent to move their heads. Both teams did really well and had lots of fun. Even though it was already clear from the beginning that we would win, 8A still wasn’t afraid.

Based on my data, I think that 8B won the Bobbing for Apples competition. We had a larger total or apples than 8A, a higher average of apples in a minute, and the shortest times. Yay, good job 8B bobbers! Nice try 8A, but we were just too good! Good job to everyone who participated.



And The Hive is Back in Action!


Hi, my name is Bianca, and this is my second year in the Hive! For those of you who don’t know, the Idea Hive is made up of two classrooms. One classroom is in Wingham, Ontario, and the other is in Snow Lake, Manitoba. Our classrooms are 2700 km apart, but that doesn’t stop us! We use some programs such as Skype, and Google Docs to connect, to do cool projects, such as read a book, or make a presentation together. At the beginning of the school year, we do a survey to get to know each other, then we compare and contrast our results. The survey had questions about our interests and hobbies, such as what you want to be when you grow up, and what you favorite T.V show is. The Idea Hive has been around for 3 years now, and hopefully will be around for many more! I can’t wait for this year to continue, and see what else our teachers Mrs. Durnin and Mr. Fisher have in store for us!

One of the survey questions was what is your favorite website; I answered with Facebook. A lot of people answered Facebook too! Some people from Snow Lake who also answered Facebook are Madisyn, Juli, Kassie, Jessica, and Holly. I enjoy listening to music while talking to my friends on Facebook, and playing games. My favorite game is the Sims Social, and Simcity Social.

Something I have in common with only a few people from Snow Lake is soccer; it’s my favorite sport! Magenta and Kassie like soccer too. My favorite position is forward. I can’t wait for the next season to start! Something that is unique about me is that I’m the only person, from both Snow Lake and Wingham, that went to Holland. I went there on a vacation with my Mom and my Oma to visit my Uncle and for my Mom to visit some old friends. It was lots of fun, and I hope to do it again, but this time with my brother and Dad too.

The person who is most like me from Snow Lake is Taelor. Art is our favorite class, we both look up to our brothers, and our goal for this year is to get better grades. I want to get a better history and geography mark. Taelor and I also brush our teeth two times a day, we both like Facebook, and we both have a dog! My dog is a 5 year old, fat, yellow lab named Cloe. She’s a really well behaved dog. What’s your dog like? If you don’t have a dog do you want one and what do you want it to be like?